I need the "To Be Free" single xD

Okej.. now I have a BIG problem.. xD

Okej.. not a REALLY big broblem but still.. I want the "To be Free" single and it's totally Nino's fault (-_-') xD

Haha, but I really, I just watched a subbed preview of their new PV and when I heard Nino sing a certain part of the song my heart just.. stopped XD OMG, I don't want to buy more stuff now.. it's expencive and I don't have all that much money.. but I need it xD And their new album.. I need that too... and KAT-TUN's NO MORE PAIN CD... oh.. and I haven't eaven gotten my latest order from Yesasia yet xD But the thing that I really need to have for now is the "To Be Free" single.. xD

Oh, Nino, what have you done?? Is it just because it's still your month? You're not even my ichiban.. It should be Ohno that makes me want to buy things.. but NO... I WANT THIS NOW.. and their PV looks really good too.. not what I expected but still, they all look really good xD

Ok.. to fan-girl Johnny's is an expencive hobby..

But now I need to go and brush my teeth becuase I'm going to the dentist xD

Bye~ (^_^)-v
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NAMIDA ~Kokoro Abaite~

I've had two songs on replay for a long time now and that is NAMIDA ~Kokoro Abaite~ by Naka Riisa and KAT-TUN's new song NO MORE PAIN... haha, I just love them =D
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I don't like mondays (it's wednesday but still xD) and my thoughts about some new dramas (^_^)

Should I start this long entry with a hi? OK, then..

Hi there =)

Even though it's wednesday today and not monday, I've for some reason been sitting and listening to the song "I don't like mondays" for a while now.. Since I mostly listen to j-pop and really bright and  sparkly Arashi songs these days it's a bit of a shock for me to be listening to such a.. sad song xD I mean the sound of the song and all that doesn't sound all that depressing but if you really listen på the lyrics and know the inspiration for the song.. then it's suddenly a really sad and gloomy song xD

I actually don't feel all that gloom or down right now so.. I  guess I'm weird? xD

Still, now I don't need to go to school for four days and that's a good thing bit someone at school had counted how many days there were left in school until the summer holiday.. and there were just 18 days left =O

I see that as both a good and a bad thing, I mean, no school for 9 weeks sounds pretty good and hopefully it'll be sunny and so that I might go outside (because I hate rain and cold weather so I think that would be the only reason for me to go outside instead of staying inside and seem all emo xD) The bad thing is that I'll start a new school and all that after the holiday and that I won't meet all the nice people in my class anymore.. at least not as often as I do now xD
But now I've decided to look at it as a good thing ^_^

And by the way, I saw the first episode of Moon Lovers today.. and it's soooo good ^_^
I feel like I love all of the characters and that it'll be a great drama =) Plus, Kimura Takuya looks so good.. I know that he's a bit old for me to like but when I liked Johnny Depp a while back nobody said anything about him being old.. or they might have, I could have just ignored what they said. Oh, now I remember, they said that he WAS old but I insisted on saying that he is old NOW but that I really liked him when he was younger.. In his Jump Street Days.. Oh I still love that show.. now I suddenly got an urge to watch that.. oh well, I have time, I watch that later (^_ ^).
And the first episode of tumbling was also really good.. I mean so many good looking actors that aren't Johnny's in the same drama.. oh =) It's just Miura Haruma that's left out.. and Oguri Shun, but I don't think he would fit in as a student in high school anymore.. but what do I know.. Ohno is playing Kibutsu-kun and that's working out great xD And I didn't know that the good looking guy from AAA would be in this drama the one that all the people in my class called a girl when they watched one of AAA's music videos on my Ipod so I'm really surprised about that fact =) I have a feeling that I'm going to get a lot new favorite actors because of this drama.. xD

But one thing that I think is a bit strange is that the guy that play the lead role for this drama, Yamamoto Yusuke, just last season he played a Yakuza that worked at a home for old people and before that I know that he played a model in Atashinchi no Danshi and even before that he played a guy that wanted to be a type of fireman in RESCUE... the strange thing is.. why would he play an "adult" but then decide to play a student again? Haha, I'm not complaining, but I find it strange that he played a student in 2008, than take a break from that for a year and play "adult" roles and then in 2010 goes back to play a student..

Still.. I like the sight of him in a school uniform (but the red hair.. I don't like it and I don't hate it.. haha, I don't have an opinion on it but I guess that it's okay xD)

So.. now I've said enough for today, bye~ (^_^)
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Me being gloomy.. xD

First post in April.. hmm.. it feels weird.. I mean, how fast has these past four months gone by?! Just 2 and half month until the summer break... and then after that I'm off to a whole new school, where I don't know anyone... oh, how fun.. xD

But now is not the time to worry about the future.. or is it? xD Haha, it feels like I'm always worrying about what comes next and never about what it is that happens now.. but anyhow, I didn't start to write here so state the fact that I never live in the present xD

But, I have a problem..  I can't decide wich wallpaper I should use.. I have so many pretty ones!! Most of them are of a Aiba ( even though Ohno's my ichiban..  but Aiba's just so pretty (^_ ^') ) but gosh.. such a problem to have.. I feel really spoiled when I think about what I count as a 'problem'.. I mean, it's not like I don't have any food to eat or any clothes to wear.. hmm... did I just sound gloomy again? xD

I think that's my thing recently.. to be gloomy.. or rather, to think gloomy thoughts but then I just watch a Arashi video or listen to some upbeat japanese pop song and I feel all better xD (Am I strange? xD)

So.. that was all I wanted to say.. xD

No.. It was one more thing I wanted to write =D Arashi is releasing a new singel!! Yay! Now I just have to talk my mom into buying it for me.. But I think it'll work out.. or els I'll just tell her to take the price of the singel out of my allowance (^_^)

Now, this really is the end of this totally unimportant post, byebye~
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Yay, I got them =D

Oh.. it was a while since I last wrote a post here.. xD

So.. I just thought that I'd write that I got my singels and my CD that i ordered from Yesasia =D Haha xD Sure it wasn't cheap but not all that expencive, about 46$ but.. haha, my mother payed for it so it's not really a problem for me xD

Right now I'm listening to the troublemaker singel and I'm just sooo glad that I really bought it and not just thought about buying it, like I usually do when it comes to spending money (I'm pretty bad at it you see.. xD) and after I've listened through it I plan on listening to KAT-TUN's singel Love yourself~vjhvdjhvfjdhvfjh~ (Haha, something in japanese that I absolutely can't understand xD).
A strange thing about that singel is, as I've already listed to it I've for some reason started to put The D-motion on replay.. even though it's sooo bad xD *lol*

And then i also bought the album Time, also that by Arashi.. maybe I'll listen to it later or tomorrow, hopefully I'll have time today even though I have a physics test tomorrow and some french homework to do.. oh, btw, school is boring xD

Just another good thing that happened today, I got the grade MVG on my national test in swedish =D (grades are; IG (bad) G (ok) VG (good) MVG (great) haha xD)

Now, I'll pray that my test tomorrow will go well ^_^

Kram Fia
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Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana ^_^

I've found a new favourite song =D (new... at least new for me xD)

It's Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana by SMAP and I though that it was pretty hard to find the original PV online (Perhaps not so hard but harder then it usually is to find a PV) so I though that I should post it here.. xD 

and I also found a cover of it by NEWS so.. I'll post that too xD

That's it, bye xD

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Just.. typing xD


The reason for posting this time is none, haha, I just simply feel like typing and typing in a WORD-document about something seems like a stupid thing to do, so I decided to do it here, so if you don't want to see posts about nothing then don't read any further xD

Yay!! C.N Blue has debuted =D And their debut song is really, really great! I just think it's a pity that they decided to start singing in korean and not english like in their first mini album... but, I won't complain xD

So.. here's the song, "I'm a loner" by C.N Blue:

I couldn't find the whole MV in HQ so it may simply be so that they haven't posted it on youtube yet or I'm just really bad at looking... xD

Since I haven't really posted a congratulation to Arashi for doing so great last year i thought that I should at least mention how glad I got when I heard how good things had gone for them, I mean to get 1st, 2nd ,3rd and 5th on the list of the best selling singles of a whole year is just crazy.. xD Every time I think about that I remember a part on Arashi no Shukudai-kun when "Every little thing" went on as guests and Arashi got told something by Ogura-san about them not selling well and they all stood up but then they admitted that they didn't sell anywhere near "Every little thing" and sat down again..

Haha, I know that was a while ago and that they didn't sell all that well yet but it's still really funny I think.. xD

But, now i feel good again and don't feel the need of writing anything more.. So.. bye xD

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Happy New Year! ^_^

Hi there ! ^_^

I don't know what the time is where you are but here in Linköping it's still only about 30 minutes past 8 but i thought that I'd at least post a massage here to wish you all a happy new year even though it's not really midnight yet ^_^

By the way, I've been wondering about who it is that's going to lead the Johnny's countdown this year, so I if you know maybe you can tell me? haha, I personally hope that It's Arashi this year again xD

So.. as I just said, happy new year and I hope both for your sake and mine that the next year is going to be even better that this year, for me the biggest change in my life this year was probably that I found out about JE and that my addiction for dramas started xD (My JE addiction is starting to take over my life XD)

I hope you the best and I'll see you again next year! =D
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My new favourite song ^_^

Hi ^_^
I've fallen in love with another relly good song, haha, what a surprise xD

It's the refrain that I love and I hope that you'll love it too ^^

Anyway... here it is; Love like this by SS501

Sooooo... what did you think? ^^

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