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Music Video Review; LEDApple - Accidentally Ran Into You

It's been a while since I last posted something here and for some reason I suddenly had the urge to review a music video, which I've never done before. The reason as to why I decided to try it out is because I think it might give me a greater, "deeper" understanding of the music videos I watch and the songs accompanied by the MV's.

The MV I'm going the review is LEDApple's "Accidentally Ran Into You":

This is the first song I've listened to of them so I'm sorry but I don't know their story, their names or anything about them so what I say here will only be based on what I feel and think on this one song so I might not do them justice since everything I say will be based on ONE song. Ok, now, let's get to the good stuff~

Firstly I'd like to talk about the music; I love it! I think the instrumentals are great, it's a good mix between regular K-pop and more of a rockish sound, and since I'm into k-pop I obviously like pop but I also really enjoy the rock vibe. The beats in the song are kickin' and from what I hear here the guys really seem to have good voices, they might not all have amazing voices like Junsu and Jaejoong of JYJ but they make the song sound good. Since I'm not really into rap I can't really say if the rappers were doing a good job or not but I didn't hear anything wrong with it. My favorite part of the song is at the 03:40 mark.. I love the drums there! I like that they don't overuse autotune and that they don't kill the English in the song. I also want to give the guys props for actually playing their instruments by themselves! But I don't know about those strange Ipad guitars... 

Now, on to the music video. To start with I have to point out that I don't really see what the meaning of the song and the music video have to do with each other. The lyrics are talking about how this guy want his girlfriend back, that he want her to come back to yesterday, to when they were still together. But.. how does this video really connect with that? I guess one can look at that one girl that's stalking the cyber girl and eventually "kills" the cyborg to take away the competition so that she can have the maker of the cyborg back but that just seems a bit far fetched...  To be honest I think it seems more like they're trying to get as much technology in there as possible because of their name and because they're trying to get the image of "technology-idols" or something... Because, the LED on their suites aren't there of because of a coincident. And why would they have those LED things in front of their eyes? It's not cool nor does it have any real function at all, I think it's just kind of stupid. It's just a bit too much.

So what is the story of the MV? After watching it a few times my conclusion is that the guy with white hair in the beginning is some genius cyborg maker, who uses a bar code on his neck to open up his little laboratory where he create these cyborgs. And there in his little dungeon, it a box, his masterpiece is and he decides to actually charge her up for the first time and everything works well! But then his psycho ex shows up who could or could not be a cyborg as well.. I'm a bit unclear on that. And, well, this ex doesn't like that the white haired guy has moved on (or upgraded?) so she decides to "kill" the cyborg by pouring something down her throat while the cyborg is recharging. Now, the cyborg is dead and the ex, proud of her self, walks out but the white haired guy decided to find a new way to get his dear cyborg back to life with the parts left of her... (I don't know how she got all torn up but somehow she did) and he miraculously make he come back to life! (amazingly enough the key part was some green thing that looked like an apple... ehm, anyone else who noticed how they once again clearly made a reference to their name?) And then, the great ending scene is of how she sees him running towards her and suddenly remember both crying and dripping oil form when she got poisoned(?) and her great love for the white haired guy -THE END-

Ehm... like I said, I don't get the connection between the song and the MV but I'll give them the props for making a nice looking MV, I mean, it does actually look as if they spent some money on this (unlike what some other groups get). The sets are nice and I think they balanced the singing scenes and the story scenes well, there's not to much of either. It also seems as if they've thought about how to cut the MV to get the best video possible. I think the clothes they wear are nice... I'm just not sure if I like the LED suites or not... as long as they don't over use them I'm cool with them. And I just have to mention that the ex's dress is awesome!

Now, I'm moving on to talk about the looks of the people in the video, to put if short; They all look good. Well, this is the Korean entertainment industry so you almost have to be good looking to be able to succeed. Personally I really like the looks of the blond guy and the guy who seems to be the groups main singer (The guy who sings the line before the refrain begins), but that's just my personal preference. And the girls playing the cyborg and the ex are really nice looking as well.

Well.. what do you have to say about this MV or my review of it? Please post a comment stating your thoughts!
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