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An update about.. me? xD

Well, hi :D

It's been a while since I last wrote something here but I really haven't had anything to write xD This biggest thing that have happened is probably that I got tickets for Gackts concert in Stockholm on the 9th of August... :P Which I'm really, REALLY,  happy about :) And I actually have someone to go with as well :D Well, I probably would have gone either way but It's still much better to have company than to be all by myself :)

There's another great thing that I would like to tell you and that is that in two days I'm finished with school for this school year :D No more, tests, homework, big projects to do... I'm over with all that! (for a couple of weeks anyway xD) and I'm totally finished with my least favorite subject, PE :D ... It's just a bit boring that I have theoretical subjects left xD

And, on another note, I'm actually pleased about my grades :D I don't know if they're better than last years or if they're worse but I don't think they're that much of a change :P

So now onto the good stuff.. music :D

I have song I'd like to post because it's just sooo good :D

Now that's all for me :D

/Bye~ Fia♥

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