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Me being gloomy.. xD

First post in April.. hmm.. it feels weird.. I mean, how fast has these past four months gone by?! Just 2 and half month until the summer break... and then after that I'm off to a whole new school, where I don't know anyone... oh, how fun.. xD

But now is not the time to worry about the future.. or is it? xD Haha, it feels like I'm always worrying about what comes next and never about what it is that happens now.. but anyhow, I didn't start to write here so state the fact that I never live in the present xD

But, I have a problem..  I can't decide wich wallpaper I should use.. I have so many pretty ones!! Most of them are of a Aiba ( even though Ohno's my ichiban..  but Aiba's just so pretty (^_ ^') ) but gosh.. such a problem to have.. I feel really spoiled when I think about what I count as a 'problem'.. I mean, it's not like I don't have any food to eat or any clothes to wear.. hmm... did I just sound gloomy again? xD

I think that's my thing recently.. to be gloomy.. or rather, to think gloomy thoughts but then I just watch a Arashi video or listen to some upbeat japanese pop song and I feel all better xD (Am I strange? xD)

So.. that was all I wanted to say.. xD

No.. It was one more thing I wanted to write =D Arashi is releasing a new singel!! Yay! Now I just have to talk my mom into buying it for me.. But I think it'll work out.. or els I'll just tell her to take the price of the singel out of my allowance (^_^)

Now, this really is the end of this totally unimportant post, byebye~

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