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Yay, I got them =D

Oh.. it was a while since I last wrote a post here.. xD

So.. I just thought that I'd write that I got my singels and my CD that i ordered from Yesasia =D Haha xD Sure it wasn't cheap but not all that expencive, about 46$ but.. haha, my mother payed for it so it's not really a problem for me xD

Right now I'm listening to the troublemaker singel and I'm just sooo glad that I really bought it and not just thought about buying it, like I usually do when it comes to spending money (I'm pretty bad at it you see.. xD) and after I've listened through it I plan on listening to KAT-TUN's singel Love yourself~vjhvdjhvfjdhvfjh~ (Haha, something in japanese that I absolutely can't understand xD).
A strange thing about that singel is, as I've already listed to it I've for some reason started to put The D-motion on replay.. even though it's sooo bad xD *lol*

And then i also bought the album Time, also that by Arashi.. maybe I'll listen to it later or tomorrow, hopefully I'll have time today even though I have a physics test tomorrow and some french homework to do.. oh, btw, school is boring xD

Just another good thing that happened today, I got the grade MVG on my national test in swedish =D (grades are; IG (bad) G (ok) VG (good) MVG (great) haha xD)

Now, I'll pray that my test tomorrow will go well ^_^

Kram Fia

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