June 26th, 2012

Another MV review: Elizabeth - Ppappa Pierrot

So... I don't know if whoever is reading this know about this song since it was released last year by a female rookie group (That I haven't heard anything about since.. I didn't even really pay attention to them when they released the song - I found it later when I was listening to a podcast and they played it) during, what I like to call the baby boom of girl groups.

Just now was actually the first time I watched their video for this song and I thought to myself.. why not make a review of it? LOL

To start it of, I'll just post the video here for anyone inching to watch it (Well, it might be a good idea to have watched the video of the song you're about to read a review of...), so here it is - Elizabeth - Ppappa Pierrot

Firstly - the song. I really like it - the vocals are good, the music itself is also really good. I hadn't looked up the lyrics before but I did that just before staring to write this.. ehm, they're not really deep or anything like that - it's a song about being fed up with love trouble and instead going out to party...

Here's an extract of the lyrics (which I found here: http://lyriclirik.blogspot.se):

"All the cowards tonight (you must go back home)
Till the morning comes, party and party
Dizzy, dizzy- everyone take one shot

Shout out to the world- you know what I'm saying"

So.. now you might understand what I mean when I say that it's not really.. all that deep BUT not all songs have to be deep - some are just to be enjoyed for the fun-tastic music it is and not really meant to touch people on a deeper level.

After that, let's go in a bit about the girls singing the song. I have no idea who they are, from what company they're from or anything about them. And, just a warning - whatever I'm saying next is simply my opinion, you are free to disagree but I don't really think these girls are that pretty. Just.. look-wise I don't think they're that appealing.

Now to step away from being so.. shallow - onto the video. My first thought after watching this was... to be perfectly honest, "Soo.. what did I just watch", then I thought that it might have something to do with what the lyrics was about but, no not really. To me, it seemed like they tried to make it a "cool" video by trying to be.. funky. Kind of in the same spirit as 2NE1... I don't know why but for some reason I just think it felt kinds 2NE1~ish and I can't really explain why I think so - it's just the feeling I get.

And can I just say that the beginning - after the snake and the apples bit, I was quite shocked about the scene of the girl in the bathtub bathing in... some sort of green goo. I do not like that scene at all - it's creepy and.. I don't know what - I just don't want to see it. Then there's the.. naked girl sitting on a stool and singing. Fine - that scene results in a kinda, ~cool~ effect for the video, and the cutting for those scenes seemed pretty spot on (If you ask me - someone who knows nothing about video editing).

Then there's them dancing in those awful, red latex-ie clothes which I'm clearly not a fan of. I just think they look bad. 
I mean just... look at them:

Elizabeth outfits from Ppappa Pierrot... do you honestly think these costumes are nice looking? :S

The dancing they're doing it the video is.. noting impressing - I don't even really know of there is really dancing or they just.. kinda moving their bodies for the most part of the song.

NOOOOW - let's move on to the SUPER CREEPY BACKUP DANCERS they have. They are just plain creep - the leotards they are wearing are horrendous and the make up is just.. as already stated - CREEPY! I understand why they have such makeup on - Pierrot XD but still, they didn't have too do that to they poor backup dancers.  And don't get me started on the scene where they're crawling on the floor together with that guy eating an apple. Serious - how do that in anyway correspond to the song?

Just who want to see this?

I could have understood if it was a hot guy on the floor because.. well at least I enjoy watching hot guys (doesn't even really matter if they're on the floor eating an apple - I just like looking at hot guys, OK? Don't judge XD) but this guy? Sorry to say but I don't think he's attractive either.

Then, after all that nasty lying on the floor with that apple eating guy and the creep looking backup dancers comes this scene:

... I just hope these girls are not underage - I don't think they are since they don't look THAT young but I'm pretty bad with telling ages (Especially Asians who have a tendency to look like they're 18 until they're like 30 XD). Well, it's pretty 
provocative but I don't really see much wrong with it, except for the fact that I'm once again wondering what this has to do with the
song... sitting and being badass in a chair while pointing guns at a camera doesn't seem to have anything to do with going out to
party (to me anyway but I might just have gone to the wrong parties). Then there's one of the girls dressed up as police officer,

posing all.. sexy and shit in the chair.

Wait - I just realized - this is nothing like a 2NE1 video.

But moving on into the video - there's more footage of them in their red outfits - sometimes while cuddling with snakes, more
scenes with the guy on the floor and the dancers.

 Suddenly there's a scene of one of them dancing with.. a golden blindfold? Some kind of futuristic glasses?

This scene I actually don't have anything against well the glasses(?) are pretty distracting but - well, all the cool kids are having them in their MV's .

Then there's more dancing in red and then the video's over.

Conclusions: I don't particularly like the video. The song however is still really good and WOW, their vocals are really good.

Soo; I guess this will conclude my review of Elizabeth's debut single - Ppappa Pierrot. (Which actually seems to be more.. me going 
through the video and saying that I dislike almost all of it. But anyway - I had fun doing it.). I hope you enjoyed reading it and well... bye? ^^