Another MV review: Elizabeth - Ppappa Pierrot

So... I don't know if whoever is reading this know about this song since it was released last year by a female rookie group (That I haven't heard anything about since.. I didn't even really pay attention to them when they released the song - I found it later when I was listening to a podcast and they played it) during, what I like to call the baby boom of girl groups.

Just now was actually the first time I watched their video for this song and I thought to myself.. why not make a review of it? LOL

To start it of, I'll just post the video here for anyone inching to watch it (Well, it might be a good idea to have watched the video of the song you're about to read a review of...), so here it is - Elizabeth - Ppappa Pierrot

Firstly - the song. I really like it - the vocals are good, the music itself is also really good. I hadn't looked up the lyrics before but I did that just before staring to write this.. ehm, they're not really deep or anything like that - it's a song about being fed up with love trouble and instead going out to party...

Here's an extract of the lyrics (which I found here:

"All the cowards tonight (you must go back home)
Till the morning comes, party and party
Dizzy, dizzy- everyone take one shot

Shout out to the world- you know what I'm saying"

So.. now you might understand what I mean when I say that it's not really.. all that deep BUT not all songs have to be deep - some are just to be enjoyed for the fun-tastic music it is and not really meant to touch people on a deeper level.

After that, let's go in a bit about the girls singing the song. I have no idea who they are, from what company they're from or anything about them. And, just a warning - whatever I'm saying next is simply my opinion, you are free to disagree but I don't really think these girls are that pretty. Just.. look-wise I don't think they're that appealing.

Now to step away from being so.. shallow - onto the video. My first thought after watching this was... to be perfectly honest, "Soo.. what did I just watch", then I thought that it might have something to do with what the lyrics was about but, no not really. To me, it seemed like they tried to make it a "cool" video by trying to be.. funky. Kind of in the same spirit as 2NE1... I don't know why but for some reason I just think it felt kinds 2NE1~ish and I can't really explain why I think so - it's just the feeling I get.

And can I just say that the beginning - after the snake and the apples bit, I was quite shocked about the scene of the girl in the bathtub bathing in... some sort of green goo. I do not like that scene at all - it's creepy and.. I don't know what - I just don't want to see it. Then there's the.. naked girl sitting on a stool and singing. Fine - that scene results in a kinda, ~cool~ effect for the video, and the cutting for those scenes seemed pretty spot on (If you ask me - someone who knows nothing about video editing).

Then there's them dancing in those awful, red latex-ie clothes which I'm clearly not a fan of. I just think they look bad. 
I mean just... look at them:

Elizabeth outfits from Ppappa Pierrot... do you honestly think these costumes are nice looking? :S

The dancing they're doing it the video is.. noting impressing - I don't even really know of there is really dancing or they just.. kinda moving their bodies for the most part of the song.

NOOOOW - let's move on to the SUPER CREEPY BACKUP DANCERS they have. They are just plain creep - the leotards they are wearing are horrendous and the make up is just.. as already stated - CREEPY! I understand why they have such makeup on - Pierrot XD but still, they didn't have too do that to they poor backup dancers.  And don't get me started on the scene where they're crawling on the floor together with that guy eating an apple. Serious - how do that in anyway correspond to the song?

Just who want to see this?

I could have understood if it was a hot guy on the floor because.. well at least I enjoy watching hot guys (doesn't even really matter if they're on the floor eating an apple - I just like looking at hot guys, OK? Don't judge XD) but this guy? Sorry to say but I don't think he's attractive either.

Then, after all that nasty lying on the floor with that apple eating guy and the creep looking backup dancers comes this scene:

... I just hope these girls are not underage - I don't think they are since they don't look THAT young but I'm pretty bad with telling ages (Especially Asians who have a tendency to look like they're 18 until they're like 30 XD). Well, it's pretty 
provocative but I don't really see much wrong with it, except for the fact that I'm once again wondering what this has to do with the
song... sitting and being badass in a chair while pointing guns at a camera doesn't seem to have anything to do with going out to
party (to me anyway but I might just have gone to the wrong parties). Then there's one of the girls dressed up as police officer,

posing all.. sexy and shit in the chair.

Wait - I just realized - this is nothing like a 2NE1 video.

But moving on into the video - there's more footage of them in their red outfits - sometimes while cuddling with snakes, more
scenes with the guy on the floor and the dancers.

 Suddenly there's a scene of one of them dancing with.. a golden blindfold? Some kind of futuristic glasses?

This scene I actually don't have anything against well the glasses(?) are pretty distracting but - well, all the cool kids are having them in their MV's .

Then there's more dancing in red and then the video's over.

Conclusions: I don't particularly like the video. The song however is still really good and WOW, their vocals are really good.

Soo; I guess this will conclude my review of Elizabeth's debut single - Ppappa Pierrot. (Which actually seems to be more.. me going 
through the video and saying that I dislike almost all of it. But anyway - I had fun doing it.). I hope you enjoyed reading it and well... bye? ^^ 

Music Video Review; LEDApple - Accidentally Ran Into You

It's been a while since I last posted something here and for some reason I suddenly had the urge to review a music video, which I've never done before. The reason as to why I decided to try it out is because I think it might give me a greater, "deeper" understanding of the music videos I watch and the songs accompanied by the MV's.

The MV I'm going the review is LEDApple's "Accidentally Ran Into You":

This is the first song I've listened to of them so I'm sorry but I don't know their story, their names or anything about them so what I say here will only be based on what I feel and think on this one song so I might not do them justice since everything I say will be based on ONE song. Ok, now, let's get to the good stuff~

Firstly I'd like to talk about the music; I love it! I think the instrumentals are great, it's a good mix between regular K-pop and more of a rockish sound, and since I'm into k-pop I obviously like pop but I also really enjoy the rock vibe. The beats in the song are kickin' and from what I hear here the guys really seem to have good voices, they might not all have amazing voices like Junsu and Jaejoong of JYJ but they make the song sound good. Since I'm not really into rap I can't really say if the rappers were doing a good job or not but I didn't hear anything wrong with it. My favorite part of the song is at the 03:40 mark.. I love the drums there! I like that they don't overuse autotune and that they don't kill the English in the song. I also want to give the guys props for actually playing their instruments by themselves! But I don't know about those strange Ipad guitars... 

Now, on to the music video. To start with I have to point out that I don't really see what the meaning of the song and the music video have to do with each other. The lyrics are talking about how this guy want his girlfriend back, that he want her to come back to yesterday, to when they were still together. But.. how does this video really connect with that? I guess one can look at that one girl that's stalking the cyber girl and eventually "kills" the cyborg to take away the competition so that she can have the maker of the cyborg back but that just seems a bit far fetched...  To be honest I think it seems more like they're trying to get as much technology in there as possible because of their name and because they're trying to get the image of "technology-idols" or something... Because, the LED on their suites aren't there of because of a coincident. And why would they have those LED things in front of their eyes? It's not cool nor does it have any real function at all, I think it's just kind of stupid. It's just a bit too much.

So what is the story of the MV? After watching it a few times my conclusion is that the guy with white hair in the beginning is some genius cyborg maker, who uses a bar code on his neck to open up his little laboratory where he create these cyborgs. And there in his little dungeon, it a box, his masterpiece is and he decides to actually charge her up for the first time and everything works well! But then his psycho ex shows up who could or could not be a cyborg as well.. I'm a bit unclear on that. And, well, this ex doesn't like that the white haired guy has moved on (or upgraded?) so she decides to "kill" the cyborg by pouring something down her throat while the cyborg is recharging. Now, the cyborg is dead and the ex, proud of her self, walks out but the white haired guy decided to find a new way to get his dear cyborg back to life with the parts left of her... (I don't know how she got all torn up but somehow she did) and he miraculously make he come back to life! (amazingly enough the key part was some green thing that looked like an apple... ehm, anyone else who noticed how they once again clearly made a reference to their name?) And then, the great ending scene is of how she sees him running towards her and suddenly remember both crying and dripping oil form when she got poisoned(?) and her great love for the white haired guy -THE END-

Ehm... like I said, I don't get the connection between the song and the MV but I'll give them the props for making a nice looking MV, I mean, it does actually look as if they spent some money on this (unlike what some other groups get). The sets are nice and I think they balanced the singing scenes and the story scenes well, there's not to much of either. It also seems as if they've thought about how to cut the MV to get the best video possible. I think the clothes they wear are nice... I'm just not sure if I like the LED suites or not... as long as they don't over use them I'm cool with them. And I just have to mention that the ex's dress is awesome!

Now, I'm moving on to talk about the looks of the people in the video, to put if short; They all look good. Well, this is the Korean entertainment industry so you almost have to be good looking to be able to succeed. Personally I really like the looks of the blond guy and the guy who seems to be the groups main singer (The guy who sings the line before the refrain begins), but that's just my personal preference. And the girls playing the cyborg and the ex are really nice looking as well.

Well.. what do you have to say about this MV or my review of it? Please post a comment stating your thoughts!
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Just.. a song :)

Hi! :)

Today I decided that I needed to look at more of 2AM's music videos and than I came across this weird but awesome song xD There's noting else I really wanted to say but I really, REALLY felt that I wanted to share this great finding :D So.. here it is:

That's all for me :P

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An update about.. me? xD

Well, hi :D

It's been a while since I last wrote something here but I really haven't had anything to write xD This biggest thing that have happened is probably that I got tickets for Gackts concert in Stockholm on the 9th of August... :P Which I'm really, REALLY,  happy about :) And I actually have someone to go with as well :D Well, I probably would have gone either way but It's still much better to have company than to be all by myself :)

There's another great thing that I would like to tell you and that is that in two days I'm finished with school for this school year :D No more, tests, homework, big projects to do... I'm over with all that! (for a couple of weeks anyway xD) and I'm totally finished with my least favorite subject, PE :D ... It's just a bit boring that I have theoretical subjects left xD

And, on another note, I'm actually pleased about my grades :D I don't know if they're better than last years or if they're worse but I don't think they're that much of a change :P

So now onto the good stuff.. music :D

I have song I'd like to post because it's just sooo good :D

Now that's all for me :D

/Bye~ Fia♥
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(no subject)

Hi =)

It's been a while since I last posted an entry here but I guess it's time to do it again :P

I've decided to enter a contest were you can win a U-kiss CD, and if your intrested in doing this as well, just follow the links and follow the instructions:

<a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a>

Whoohoo! I have a chance to win this cd!

Would you also like to try to win this cd?
Check out <a href="">this</a> post @ <lj comm="kpop_groups">

But now, onto other things :P
I don't really have all that much to say but I thought that I could at least post a song which I recently started to like, oh so much :P

The song is "Mozeltov" by ZE:A :D

I don't really know what the lyrics is about or anything but.. it's just so catchy!!! xD

OKej.. now itäs time to watch some 2PM stuff so, bye~

Kram Fia♥
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Did you know this?!!

Ok.. I've decided to do a meme about myself so it you don't want to know 10 useless boring things about me.. don't read any further xD

1. Post these rules.
2. You must post 10 things about yourself in your journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons in the same journal.
(4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.)
5. No tag-backs.

Hmm.. so okey.. I won't follow all the rules xD I'm not tagging anyone.. if anyone would like to do this I'd be happy to read it but just do it you feel like it =)

Here comes my list:
1. As one might see in my journal, I'm a big fan of Johnny's at the moment (not just Johnny's.. I love SHINee and Super Junior too xD) but I used to be a big Buffy the vampire slayer and Angel fan (especially Angel and Spike were my favorites in the series.. if you're wondering xD) and I still love the series to bits and pieces.. (^_^)

2. I love the Twilight series.. xD Oh, yes.. I enjoy reading about sparkly vampires and men that turns into werewolves.. xD

3. I got my ears pierced when I was 13 years old.. I weren't allowed to do it untill then (^_^')

4. I recently bought the movie "Ninja assassin" because I think that it's funny that a korean is playing a ninja.. xD (The story also seem pretty good but the korean ninja thing is just the thing that makes me want to watch it the most xD)

5. My favorite perfume is called curious ♥ heart and it's a Britney Spears perfume (^_^)

6. When I first started to like Arashi I didn't like their music and simply liked them because of their variety shows and instead I bought NEWS and KAT-TUN CD's because I thought they had better songs.. I don't think like that anymore (because now I like pretty much every Arashi song.. even the bad ones xD) and I'm currently trying to get my mum to buy me the new Arashi album xD

7. I usually don't wear make-up ^^

8. I don't eat red-meat, just white-meat (chicken & fish) and I don't really have a reason for it xD It's been about 4 years since I ate red-meat xD

9. I used to have a period when I made roses out of clay :P

10. I collect CD's that I like because I think it's fun to look back at what different types of music I've liked ( I have 2 CD's from Jonas brothers which just shows how bad my music taste can be sometimes xD ) (^_^)

Yay, I did it ^^
It was actually harder to come up with these things that i though it would be xD

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Arashi & Perfume ♥

Just a simple word can describe this clip.. ADORABLE!!!
Spoiler.. don't watch unless you want to know who gets picked in the end xD

Oh no... Now I'm gonna start to like Perfume just because of this.. Arashi has a weird effect on me.. I like almost all people that come in contact with them on their variety shows after they've been there xD

The funniest thing in this clip is probably at the end when Sho and Matsujun aren't chosen, so they sit on the couch and does the chocolate disco dance by themselves xD Or the end when that their co-host starts to dance xD
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SHINee = love

SHINee - Lucifer♥

I love this song, this video, this album (all songs are so good xD) and this group ♥

Taemin looks so awsome.. love his hair and everything about him, but Key.. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO YOUR HAIR?!
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Sean Banan.. ?

Ehm.. for some reason I find myself singing this damn song.. it's sooo bad but I just can't help that it gets stuck in my mind... and the lyrics.. I don't even want to think about it xD But then again, I don't really think about the lyrics when I listen to J-pop or K-pop either xD

Sean Banan - Skaka Rumpa

And.. Arashi's getting a new single =D Love Rainbow.. it's just such a fitting title for an Arashi song xD

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